Blood Super Pack Update

Greetings fellow blood players.

Just wanted to give an update on some progress I made with the program.

download link

so far..

Gui fixes: custom windows theme(modified windows themes or stardock windowblinds theme) shouldnt effect the program. I had incorrect color settings and themes would cause color problems.

dosbox config file can now be changed and settings wont be deleted. although warning is giving that things such as changing sound settings can break the games causing them not to load due to conflicting sound settings.*noted below

In the menu, there was a shortcut to run dos setup for blood.

it only changed the main blood config file. my bad….

*now exiting the the setup program. changes are committed to all the games config file. will also bring up configuration panel for adjusting dosbox sound settings to match blood sound settings so there is no conflict in settings.

no eta on release yet.

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