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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost Alpha Directors Cut



The wait is over Dezowave has released Stalker Lost Alpha Directors Cut.

can head on over to there moddb site to download it.


Lost Alpha Developer’s Cut release trailer – Mod DB

but before you install that version you have to have the full version installed.

I put the installer files together for easier download


Looking for donations for nvidia hardware.

sense this is a small startup company, we dont have much funds.

right now only dev machine we have is a machine with a amd card. we would like to replace that with a nvidia or add another machine machine that has a nvidia card.

we only need $1000 more for parts. and would be grateful. and this will help speed up projects that we are working on, which we cant really make any statements about.

Just at this time, having some development issues with amd card,opengl bahhhh…..:(

any donations through our paypal would be grateful


warzone 2100 4/13/2017 release

changes listed on github




You can now install the Windows 10 Creators Update using Microsoft’s Update Assistant

“The Windows 10 Creators Update will begin rolling out to PCs on April 11, but if you just can’t wait to install the update, you don’t have to. Yesterday, Microsoft made it available for users to manually install on their systems using its Media Creation Tool.

Today, Microsoft’s Jason Howard confirmed that it’s also been added to the Windows 10 Update Assistant, offering an alternative path for those who are ready to upgrade early. Some users reported being able to upgrade using the Assistant yesterday, although it wasn’t working for everyone.

The Windows 10 Update Assistant is available to download here. It’s a simple tool that will check your current installed version of Windows 10, and offer you a direct path to install the Creators Update, stating that “the latest version is 15063”.

Follow the steps to upgrade, and then once the process is complete, make sure to check for the latest cumulative updates for your PC by opening the Settings app, and going to Update & Security > Windows Update.

You can find out about the new features and improvements in the Windows 10 Creators Update here.


source neowin.net


warzone 2100 update.

Newly Compile Build Of Warzone 2100.

Thanks to the people at warzone 2100 forums for making updates to the win32 source code that makes it easier to compile on windows.

Updated 4/4/2017